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The history of United Airlines and its predecessor companies is told through every artifact we are fortunate enough to receive. If you are interested in donating your memorabilia, such as a promotional item, vintage ad or poster, uniform or meal service item, no artifact will be turned away. (PLEASE NOTE:  The UAHF is now seeking memorabilia from Continental Airlines in order to preserve the history of another great airline.)

The United Airlines Historical Foundation’s goal is to acknowledge and catalog all donated items. The collection is protected under archival conditions until pieces are needed to support our rotating displays housed in the UAHF museum at United’s Flight Training Center in Denver, Colorado . We also, on occasion, will loan artifacts to other aviation museums in support of their commercial aviation displays.

Donor Options

You do not need to be a member to make a donation. Donations have been the main support of the UAHF since its founding in the early 1990s. Support is needed to operate our Foundation office in Denver so that UAHF can mount displays and loans of memorabilia, purchase preservation supplies and fund our annual aviation scholarship program. The Foundation has a 501( c ) 3 status, that enables tax-deductible donations to the extent permitted by law. If you wish to support our mission and efforts, please download our donation form:

UAHF DONATION FORM Download in Adobe PDF Format

Please send all donated items to:

The United Airlines Historical Foundation 
Attention: Tom Goodyear 
7401 East Martin Luther King Blvd. 
Denver, CO 80207