Video Histories

Video Highlights

Swallow Video: Captain “Buck” Hilbert talks about the early flying days of the Swallow. “Buck”  restored and flew a Swallow for the 50th Anniversary re-enactment of Captain Leon Cuddeback’s historic flight of the Varney Air Mail inaugural flight, April 6, 1926.
Boeing 247 WMV video: CBS News Anchor Bill Kurtis relates how the Boeing 247 was the very first modern airliner in 1935, and the role model for the Douglas DC-3 and future airliners.
Ellen Church Video: Ellen Church, the FIRST stewardess talks about a new career for women.
Take Me Along Video: A clip of the famous “Take Me Along” TV commercial.
President Patterson’s Announcement Video: “Pat” Patterson, President of United Air Lines talks about the FIRST order for jet aircraft.
 Oil Cooler Overhaul Ready for Flight Video: SFO Maintenance Base Mechanic Glenn Greenacre Overhauling a radial engine oil cooler.