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Over the years, United Airlines authorized various book projects tracing the history of United and its predecessor companies. Those books are:

The Age of Flight Title:  The Age of Flight
Authors:  David Fisher and William Garvey
Copyright:  November 2001
Publisher:  Pace Communications
Photo Illustrated
Hardcover – 264 pages
ISBN:  0-9667061-1-0
Subject:  United Airlines – A history of America’s pioneering airline
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Of Magic Sails Title:  Of Magic Sails (Out of print)
Author:  Barbara Bean
Copyright: 1975
Publisher: Graphic Alliance, Chicago
Photo Illustrated
Hardcover: 113 pages
ISBN:  0-915174-02-2
Subject: A Photographic History of Air Travel, 1926-1976
Airway One Title:  Airway One  (Out of print)
Author:   Robert E. Johnson (Research-Adrian Delfino)
Copyright:  1974
Photo Illustrated
Publisher:    United Airlines Inc.
Photo Illustrated
Hardcover: 208 pages
ISBN Number:   0915174014 / 9780915174010
Subject:  A narrative of United Airlines and its leaders
Pat Patterson Title: Pat Patterson (Out of print)
Author:  Frank J. Taylor
Copyright:  1967
Publisher: United Air Lines
Sketch Illustrated
Subject:  Traces the life of United Air Lines’ President, William A. (Pat) Patterson
High Horizons Title:  High Horizons (Out of print)
Author:  Frank J. Taylor
Copyright:  1951 and it was reprinted and updated a number of times through the early 1960s
Publisher:   McGraw Hill Book Company.
Photo illustrated
Hardcover: 198 pages.
Subject:  History of United Air Lines and its predecessor companies (Varney, Boeing Air Transport, National Air Transport and Pacific Air Transport.)