Member Profiles

Meet the UAHF Volunteers

One of the perks of UAHF volunteerism is the opportunity to offer profiles from members who wish to provide them. Besides serving to recall memories of shared times at United, these profiles may provide links to members’ talent/skill/knowledge capabilities that web site readers may want to tap from what is after all a pretty reliable source.

“UAHF Pioneers”

Tom Goodyear

Retired UAL Zone Controller – Ground Services, President Retired United Airlines Employees Association (RUAEA-Denver Mile Higher’s Chapter), Past Director of RUAEA’s Mountain Region, Chairman of the 2002 RUAEA Convention in Denver, Past Director of Rocky Mountain Adoption Exchange, 32 Degree Mason, Elder of Presbyterian Church

Ted Griffith

Phyllis Jack

“UAHF Webmaster”

Thom Rowland


“United Artists”

Rich Twardy

Born and raised in Chicago, he joined United in 1967 as a telephone reservation agent while attending art school to obtain a bachelor of fine arts degree. He transferred to United’s Flight Training Center in January of 1971 as a graphic designer, illustrating flight manuals for pilots and flight attendants, stewardesses, at the time. He did all his illustrations on a drawing board with pen and ink at the beginning. He also took it upon himself to become familiar with the entire United…more

Marvin Berryman

Joined United (DENTK) as a Graphic Illustrator for Flight Training Programs in 1979. In 1981 he was one of the original “Genigraphic” computer trainees. He assisted UAHF in hallway displays and in addition to Pilot and Flight Attendant classroom training material he created the room signage and floor plans for the Training Center. He currently types the “Deeds of Gift” and “Thank You” letters for donations to UAHF and writes “United History” for the Retirees’ newsletters.

Terry J Snyder

Terry joined United in 1981 as a Graphic Illustrator for Pilot Training Programs. His career included B777 Technical Writer, Manager of Publishing Standards, and Flight Attendant before retiring in 2009. He currently assists UAHF by developing its web site content and  capabilities.


“Clipped Wings”

Bonita Ades

Bonnie Dahl

Karen Lockemer


“United Coworkers”

Dolly Powers

Ken Dresel

John Williams

Laura Coats


“Continental Coworkers”

Judy Schweppe

Joined CAL Jan. 1968 as Secretary to VP, Denver and President Bob Six and Audrey Meadows. Worked for the Chief Pilots’ office from 1972-1977. Transferred to Reservations in 1978 and worked as a phone agent (domestic and international) Customer Service/Support Desk, Silver Elite desk and team leader over the next 23 years. Retired in June 2001.

Kenneth Lawrence

Employed by Continental as a Link Trainer operator in 1957. Within the first month was reclassified as Flight Crew Ground School Instructor. Developed and presented DC-3, Vickers Viscount, DC-9, and B-707 courses. Assisted Supervisor, Raoul Cote, in creating Continental Vickers Viscount, DC-9, and B-707 Flight Manuals. Moved to Los Angeles in 1961 to establish and manage ground training department. Integrated B-720B and B-320C aircraft into B-707 Flight Manual and ground…more

Mickey Manfre

Leon Scofield

John Wallace

Gil Bliss