Meet the 2009/20010 Scholarship Recipients


Kevin Dummer   

Kevin Dummer is a senior at Southern Illinois University (SIU) in Carbondale, Illinois and will receive his Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Aviation Management. He is on the Dean’s Honor List and will graduate with Cum Laude Honors in May 2010.

Kevin has already received his Commercial, Instrumental and FAA certifications and is working towards his private pilot certificate. He received his FAA Class I Medical Certificate in December 2009.

He is also a member of SIU’s Aviation Management Society and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. His special training includes:

  • Practicum in Air Carrier Operations where he served as Pilot In Command on a Cessna 421/340 pressurized aircraft to transport university officials and faculty in a crew environment to busy airports in the Midwest for a semester;
  • Technically Advanced Aircraft Operations course which provided an in-depth familiarization of the Garmin G1000 glass cockpit where he performed scenario based training missions in a TAA Flight Training Device

After Graduation, Kevin hopes to pursue a position with a regional airline or their charter department to build flight time to reach his ultimate dream of becoming a commercial airline captain.

Upon receiving the United Airlines Historical Foundation’s William S. Arnott Scholarship Kevin wrote the following note to the Foundation:

I sincerely appreciate the scholarship that the members of UAHF have funded. Your organization shares much of the credit for making aviation as great as it is today. During my journey, so far, there have been many people willing to help me progress further, and achieve my ultimate goal of becoming an airline pilot. With the UAHF scholarship, I am able to take the SIU charter course to help build those crucial multi-engine hours, and get more experience in the traffic control system. It will also help to let me see airports outside of the local area. Not only have you helped me to continue my career path but you have inspired me to one day give back to young future pilots. Right now, I can’t give back financial support but I have been dedicated to giving advice and encouragement to underclassmen. Thank you again for helping me and others reach our dreams!

Geoffrey K. Wood

Geoffrey Wood is a third semester sophomore at Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. SAC) in Walnut, California. He is majoring in commercial flight and will complete his program in the spring of 2010.

After graduation, Geoffrey plans to attend either Southern Illinois University’s extension program at Mt. SAC where he would pursue a major in Aviation Management or Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona to pursue a major in Aeronautical Science.

Within the next two years Geoffrey will pursue his instrument, commercial and multi-engine ratings. Geoffrey has already obtained his private pilot’s certificate SEL and is currently working on fifty hours of cross-country time before moving towards his instrument rating. He flies and trains out of Brackett Field in LaVerne, California. As of the fall of 2009, he had racked up 92.5 hours of flight time and plans to use his scholarship grant towards obtaining his instrument rating.

After receiving word of the UAHF scholarship, Geoffrey wrote the following:

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for making the United Airlines Scholarship possible. It is an honor to receive this award in tribute to United Airlines’ Captain William S. Arnott. I watched the video of Captain Arnott giving a brief tour of the United Airlines Historical Foundation’s Museum at United’s pilot training center in Denver. It was very interesting to learn more about the history of the early airmail pilots. If I’m ever in the Denver area, I would like to visit the UAHF museum. Once again, I am humbled to be the recipient of the UAHF Arnott scholarship and I thank everybody from the bottom of my heart