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We hope you enjoy exploring the storied history, legendary and dedicated cast of characters, and fascinating airline keepsakes collected by airline professionals since United’s (and Continental’s) inception.

More than most industries, the airline industry has always captured the public’s fancy, perhaps due to flying being both a commonly shared experience and a thoroughly amazing experience given the physics and thousands of moving parts throughout the operating environment that must function with nearly 100% fidelity.

Providing an easy and pleasant web site to satisfy folks’ curiosity about America’s original legacy airline is the least we can do to express our love for this industry with one of the most sacred missions – bringing people together quickly and safely.

#2 – Virtual Museum (under construction)

Comprehensive and available within your schedule, our Virtual Museum tours will allow web site visitors to examine hundreds of featured artifacts, displays, and facts at their own pace. Until a permanent brick and mortar museum is established for the collection, air travel enthusiasts can visit this site often to examine our frequently-updated featured items. Your comments and suggestions (and donations!) are always welcome to continuously improve the museum experience.

Note: While under construction, some information may not be accurate or current. Use information for research ONLY after verifying with another source.