UAHF Board of Directors


Since the United Airlines Historical Foundation (UAHF) was incorporated as a 501c3 organization in 1993, the following individuals have graciously donated their time, talent and expertise to build the Foundation into the successful organization it is today. We thank them all for their tenure and leadership as former Presidents of the Foundation.

Don Toeppen ( 1993 – 1995)
Kay McMurray (1995 – 2000)
Donald E. Jiskra, Sr. (2000 – 2004)
Sara Dornacker (2004 – 2006)
William J. Belmonte, Jr. (2006 – 2007)


President – Tom Goodyear

Retired UAL Zone Controller – Ground Services, President Retired United Airlines Employees Association (RUAEA-Denver Mile Highers Chapter, Past Director of RUAEA Mountain Region, Chairman of the 2002 RUAEA Convention in Denver, Past Director of Rocky Mountain Adoption Exchange, 32 Degree Mason, Elder of Presbyterian Church

Executive Vice President –Ray Colavita

Retired UAL Flight Simulator Supervisor, Denver Flight Center, Volunteer at Wings Over the Rockies Air Museum, Member RUAEA

Sheryl Schubert small
Treasurer – Sheryl Schubert

Retired UAL Flight Attendant – Los Angeles, Members of DEN Clipped Wings, Roster Chair for DEN, Affiliate Member of Los AngelesClipped Wings®, Member of RUAEA

Secretary – Georgia Panter Nielsen

Retired UAL Flight Attendant, International Historian of the Association of Flight Attendants-Communication Workers of America, Facilitator for Retiree Association of Flight Attendants – CWA, Fellow-San Francisco Aeronautical Society, Member RUAEA, IAM Local Lodge 1781 Retirees Association, Clipped Wings®


Muriel Bergsma, Retired UAL Chicago O’Hare Flight Operations, Member RUAEA

Phyllis Cleveland, Retired UAL Pilot, Recipient of the D, B. Robinson Air Safety Award, Former FAA Aviation Safety Inspector, Aviation Analyst Post Retirement, and RUPA President 2011-2013

Dale Dopkins, Retired UAL Pilot, Chicago O’Hare Flight Operations, Member, RUPA and RUAEA

Linda Farrow, Active UAL Flight Attendant, Los Angeles Onboard Service, Vice President, United Master Executive Council, AFA-CWA, AFL- CIO

Phyllis Jack, Retired UAL Flight Attendant – Denver, Member RUAEA and DEN Clipped Wings®

Maribeth Kuhn, Retired Flight Attendant, Chicago O’Hare, Member and Treasurer-O’Hare Chapter of Clipped Wings®

Ray Lahr, Retired UAL Pilot, UAHF Founder, RUPA Member, TWA Flight 800 Air Crash Investigator

Carole Fry Tye, Retired UAL Flight Attendant – Chicago, Member RUAEA and Clipped Wings

Emeritus Directors

Dick Buckman, UAL Retired

Elroy “Buck” Hilbert, UAL Retired Pilot Chicago Flight Operations, UAHF Director Emeritus and Founder, RUPA

Kay McMurray, Former UAL B-247 Pilot, UAHF Founder and Former President

Don Toeppen, UAL Retired Pilot, UAHF Founder, RUPA Member

Pat Patterson Dudley, Daughter of United Airlines Founder William A. Patterson, Member AA (American Airlines) Kiwi Club, and RUAEA


Alliance Committee: Georgia Nielsen

By-Laws Committee: Georgia Nielsen – Chair, Linda Farrow

Executive Committee: Tom Goodyear – Chair, Ray Colavita, Sheryl Schubert, Georgia Nielsen

History and Collections Committee:  Carole Fry Tye, Phyllis Jack

Legacy Committee:  Phyllis Cleveland

Marketing and Promotion Committee:  Georgia Nielsen

Membership Committee: Maribeth Kuhn – Chair, Gail Walker

Scholarship Committee: Dale Dopkins – Chair, Jon Rowbottom

Website Committee:  Thom Rowland Chair, Ray Colavita, Terry Snyder

Alliance Coalition Organizations

The United Airlines Historical Foundation is affiliated with organizations that support the Foundation’s goals and mission. The Alliance president or their designated member may participate in UAHF meetings, committees and functions.

President, Jan Heistermann — Retiree Association of Flight Attendants-Communication Workers of America (RAFA 12R LAX)

President’s Designee, President Cicina Norton, (RAFA 11R SFO)

President, Christel Hasenbring Ilg – Clipped Wings®, United Airlines Stewardess Alumnae and Flight Attendants, Inc.

President’s Designee, Gail Walker

Jerry Nelson – International Association of Machinists (IAM) Local Lodge #1781 Retirees Association at San Francisco (SFO)

President’s Designee, Barbara Underhill

President, Hank Gosselin -Retired United Airlines Employees Association (RUAEA)

President’s Designee, Virgil Gooselaw

President, Jon Rowbottom — Retired United Pilots Association (RUPA)